In my practice I am increasingly faced with members of the public with chronic postural problems associated with long hours working at desks, in front of computers, or performing repetitive manual tasks. Many people develop neck, back and shoulder pain and tension leading to a fatigued nervous system. The implications of this for health can be far reaching.

I am pleased to now offer a convenient, cost effective and professional service, at your site, for your employees. A typical service plan involves me visiting your site providing 15-30 minute treatments per member of staff.

It is not a requirement that people be in pain or discomfort to come for treatment. Poor postural habits can go unnoticed for years before they become an apparent problem. It is far easier to treat poor postural habits effectively with short regular treatments. Even without specific musculoskeletal problems an Osteopathic treatment can be energising and relaxing and radically reduce stress levels, promoting a healthy and productive workplace environment.

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