Andrew B
‘Great treatment, great advice.’
Sabine U
‘I have had regular treatment with John Graham for a period of over one year. I have been released from chronic headaches, neck and shoulder tension. I would recommend him for short-long term treatment.’
Mike M
‘I came to John with lower back pain thinking it was something I ‘just had to live with’. After two sessions, John discovered that I had a ligament issue not a disc issue – so no surgery! After four sessions my lower back pain was mostly relieved. So I can highly recommend him as someone who gets to the root of the trouble and cares about his job. Nice guy too.’
Anna M
‘Went in to JG in pain and miserable, left with no pain and very happy. He fixed my shoulder and neck problem with ease. JG knows what he’s doing. No need for a fancy office, just a good Osteopath thank you!’