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When visiting for the first time you will experience a process similar to that of visiting your own doctor.

I will take a full case history and you will be physically examined and evaulated. You may be required to remove some of your clothing to allow a full osteopathic assessment to be carried out, and you may be asked to perform a series of movements to establish any areas of imbalance or dysfunction. You are recommended to wear comfortable underwear.

Patients are always welcome to bring along a friend or partner. All children must be accompanied by an adult.

As my treatments are tailored to each individual it is difficult to give exact times and costs - a full treatment plan will be discussed with you following your initial evaluation.

A typical initial consultation and first treatment lasts 45 - 60 minutes. Ongoing treatments typically last 30 minutes.

Your treatment plan is individual to you, and may include advice on posture, exercise, diet, lifestyle etc.

As you would expect with your own doctor, all information collected is in the strictest confidence.

You may be able to claim the cost of treatments on your insurance.

Phone Anytime: 0781 3302 441
Email: jgraham@jgosteopathy.co.uk