I am trained to use a wide variety of different techniques. Treatment is tailored to suit your needs. Within each treatment session the techniques used are modified and adapted according to how a patient responds and to achieve the desired results.  The following treatments are typically used:

Soft Tissue Massage – This includes a variety of different massage techniques to the muscles and connective tissues of the body. Soft tissue massage can be light or heavy, fast or slow, superficial or deep depending on which tissues are being targeted and the changes which are being encouraged.

Articulation Techniques – Articulation of a joint involves moving a joint through a range of movement. When I do this the muscles remain relaxed as I take the strain and initiate the movement. This technique of passive articulation can be used to stretch tight muscles around a joint, ease out scar tissue or stretch the capsule of the joint.

High Velocity Thrust – This is the technique where patients quite often hear a clicking sound. When this technique is used on the small facet joints in the spine it creates a reflex effect which relaxes the deep small muscles around the joint. The clicking noise is a result of a suction type pop as the joint surfaces are momentarily separated. This can be a quick, efficient and dramatic technique.

Functional Techniques – Ideal for using on inflamed joints or when muscles are hypertonic (too tight or in spasm). I guide the joint through a series of small movements until a point of balance is reached and the muscles are able to let go.